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XMEN Days of Future Past (2014) movie review

Movies & TV 07 Jul 2014
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The one movie I was really hoping was still showing in 4D when we were in South Korea. Unfortunately, that was not the case as we missed that glorious window of opportunity. Watching XMEN Days of future past in 4D would have been the best set up to experience 4D for the first time. All that action, if cued right, would have been impeccable because you can hardly go wrong with a normal 2D XMEN movie.


They don’t just rush into making XMEN movies, and release one every year. Nope, they give you one every 2 – 4 years, almost as if governing everything so that they are not deviating from the cartoon storyline as they re-purpose XMEN for the big screen. I had the pleasure of watching a few cartoon episodes that the storyline from this movie was based. Where future and past are trying to work towards changing the conditions of the present. That is the storyline you will find in this movie and that concept, although not original, intrigues me and I am sure many others.

“Part of the uncertainty, derived from the inconsistency, in this movie could be attributed to the movie happening both in the future and past.”

Having a solid concept for the storyline, the movie makers’ next trying task is how they would progress us to their chosen outcome, which is a little different from the cartoon at face value. When you stop micro analysing the details of the storyline and you just look at the ending, you do realise that the movie (XMEN Days of future past) really hasn’t deviated much from the cartoon endings.

X-Men: Days of Future Past on JMB Release Dates

X-Men: Days of Future Past on JMB Release Dates


I felt the movie had a natural stretch and relax sort of pace similar to when you pull and release a rubber band. Moments of high action were quickly calmed by slow conversational ones, giving you a moment to collect yourself from the previous high moment. The result is a movie that is comfortably engaging, without leaving you too much down time for your mind to wonder off. Something we have come to expect from an XMEN movie really.


While the movie felt delicately balanced, the only part I could pick on were some of the character choices. Not the fact that they were bad, but more so that they were so different to the point that it made it hard to consistently recognise this movie as XMEN movie. Particularly if you were trying to place the movie in between the previous XMEN Origins movie, that takes back to the beginning of XMEN, and any other you have watched before it. The new cast and new XMEN movie characters only seemed to add more uncertainty.

Part of the uncertainty, derived from the inconsistency, in this movie could be attributed to the movie happening both in the future and past. That just made me wonder even more where the present lie between the two. This is the question that still plagued me even after the movie concluded.

Conclusion: XMEN
Days of Future Past

There has never been a single XMEN movie that has ended conclusively. Rather they take you on a ride to a never ending destination much like the cartoon. XMEN movies have this certain magic to them that leave you with a sense of awe and wonder. Specifically wondering, “so what does that mean for the next movie.” XMEN Days of Future past follows suit here, however this you already knew before you walked in to the cinema to watch it. It’s more of a well rounded money generating franchise, that I am pretty sure will see me enjoying taking my children to watch the sequels, high in anticipation probably more than them, when I do eventually have kids.

That is partly why you will enjoy watching this XMEN movie as well. A great journey to a vague conclusion, leaving the door wide open for you to come and experience the same high visual effects bliss, years to follow.

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