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Umbrella drip prevention cover dispenser review

Lifestyle 15 Oct 2014
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This dispenser is a product I came across for the first time in Seoul South Korea. As it is an innovative product that is not yet widely adopted, I struggled to find out it’s proper name. I call it the Umbrella drip prevention cover dispenser. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius and should have patented it because they deserve to be paid handsomely. Allow me to explain.

Umbrella drip prevention cover dispenser

Umbrella drip prevention cover dispenser

The problem

There is nothing annoying like coming out of the rain with your umbrella and deciding to recoil it back into it’s folded position, only to discover that it still has a lot of water running off it. Sometimes the water that is still on the umbrella is enough to form a small puddle wherever you place it. If you are at home this just means more work for you to clean up later unless you place the umbrella in the tub or shower, which I am happy to report seems to be a global practice.

What if however, you are not at home and you are say at the shopping mall, office, supermarket and any other public place? In this places, the floors usually are tiled or marble even. Having water accumulating in this public places with high traffic starts becoming the perfect opportunity for someone to slip.

Have no fear however, the umbrella drip prevention cover dispenser is hear to save the day.

The solution

How it works is very simple. Actually, it is much like the plastic bag rack at the self check out counter in the supermarket. The dispenser is loaded with plastic bags however instead of having to fight with those darned plastic sleeves in a high traffic area, you simply poke your umbrella from the hole at the top and yank towards you. This breaks away your umbrellas new plastic sleeve and leaves the next one set up for the next person.

Keep an eye out for videos coming soon to showcase how this works.


It’s not all a bed of roses. The main material being dished out here isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. That’s right, plastic! While I am conscious about not falling for environment folklore, I do know most people aren’t good at recycling their plastics so I am a little concerned about scaling the implementation of this solution. Maybe another, biodegradable, material could be used instead here.

Umbrella drip prevention cover dispenser

Did I mention that the dispenser has 2 size sleeves for big or small umbrellas? This means if you do have a small umbrella, you don’t have to walk around with an oversized sleeve. I am surprised these dispenser aren’t installed or wheeled in every rainy season or, if you leave in four seasons in one day Melbourne, every now and then.

This solution is just made better. The only two concerns I still have are places around the world with a high terror alert status might not implement this as they are actually removing bins from public places. The second concern some jerk throwing his cigarette bud in the dispenser however the people of South Korea seemed to refrain from that quite well.


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