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Transformers Age Of Extinction (2014) movie review

Movies & TV 27 Jun 2014
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On release date, we went to watch Transformers Age of Extinction directed by Michael “More Explosions” Bay on the big screen. In all honesty, I don’t think you can make a Transformers movie without trying to break a Guinness Record for the most explosions in a movie. Going in to the movie with that knowledge, I still wasn’t ready for what transpired.


The highlight of the movies trailer, leading up to release date, was the Dynobots. Being a childhood fan, you can imagine how much I was eagerly anticipating their appearance. Surprisingly when they did appear, they didn’t feel like the focus of the movie for long. That is because the storyline jumped on to the next explosion and the location they badly needed it to happen. When the movie started they were dwelling so much on building the story and introducing you to the new cast, however when the action begins you do struggle to keep up as you are flung into the next location that more explosions must occur. Very sloppy storyline where it mattered the most, it almost felt like someone did some bad scene deletion to make the movie shorter in some points.

Transformers Age of Extinction: poster

Transformers Age of Extinction: poster

As far as what to expect goes, I won’t spoil it for you but if you have seen one Transformers movie then this one is not going to be an unfamiliar one. It’s the same recipe as always.


Although the story line was pretty much basic and uncreative, enemy comes & girl kidnapped, rescued, fighting, day saved; you will not be struggling to immerse yourself in to the movie. The action is quite engaging, when they are not trying to show you up the actress Nicola Peltz really short shorts every chance possible. There is some superb stunt driving, more than the previous Transformers movies, however way too much closely zoomed in, shaky camera work to give you a full sense of what’s going on. While I get it was intentional shaky camera work to give a sense of motion, it was overused to the point where it was starting to be annoying. More so the zoomed in bit and not being able to see, than the shaky effect.

Other than that, some new fighting styles from new Transformers, among other things, were quite eye catching. If it wasn’t explosions, then the other thing Michael Bay should be known for overusing are camera lens flare effects. If you don’t know what I am talking about, don’t worry, you will know it when you see it. In previous Transformers movies I felt the use of lens flares was a bit more subtle, but in Transformers Age of Extinction you can’t help just notice “there it is again.”


I kind of missed Shia LaBeouf a little in this movie. Mark Wahlberg doesn’t do a convincing “this is the end of the world” frantic terror for me, instead he does an “I am cute but sound like I am squealing so that I convince you to like me” end of the world weird fear. Every other scenario he held his own and it seems having a buff adult as the main actor gave the film makers more fighting options.

After you have managed to overlook the countless explosions and lens flares, you pick up fast that the other thing this movie could have broken a world record for was advertising, advertising advertising. In the past, Transformers has been advertising car brands as would rightfully make sense for what is essentially a car movie. In Transfomers Age of Extinction, oh my word, they just put in-movie advertising on steroids. “How much did the movie makers get paid for all that advertising” is what I really want to know?

If it had been car related advertising, I would have been understanding. Some products just seemed to have nothing in common with the movie, but had frames dedicated to them. Maybe this has something to do with why the storyline felt rushed because scenes were wasted here. It wasn’t just American brands only advertising, Asian ones, as well as anyone else willing to pay up from the looks of it. I hope they haven’t set a trend for other movies to follow.

Transformers Age of Extinction

What you really want to know though is, is it worthwhile going to see on the big screen? Did the Dynobots do the trick and resurrect an exhausted movie brand? The answer is the Dynobots weren’t that awesome and honestly you can probably live without watching this movie on the big screen. If you do watch it on the big screen, don’t go with high expectations and make sure it is one of those bored stiff, type of days. There is no hype and while it isn’t a waste of ticket, Transformers Age of Extinction is not amazing.

“…the other thing this movie could have broken a world record for was advertising, advertising advertising… How much did the movie makers get paid for all that advertising is what I really want to know?”

This is definitely a DVD movie. When you do watch it in the comfort of your home on a lazy day, it will hit the ball out the park and be a 10 out of 10 movie then. If you miss it altogether, no one is going to give you grief over how it is the best movie of all time and a must watch, or be shocked at you for not watching it. Two days after you watch it, you will be lucky if it is still even in your conversations. In fact you would have been struggling to remember what the sub title of the movie was if we hadn’t mentioned it like 5 times already. Maybe watching it in 4D would have bumped it up to a 3.5 out of 5.

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