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The Startup Kids documentary review (2012)

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I thoroughly enjoyed The Startup Kids independent documentary, made by two female Icelandic entrepreneurs with a passion for web start ups. Being a web developer, you can start to imagine why I loved it so much considering it is right up my alley but I did watch it with two people from an accounting & marketing background who equally enjoyed it. The documentary interviews the young web entrepreneurs that founded Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kiip, InDinero, Dropbox, Foodspotting and many others bootstraped, web start ups.

The Startup kids poster

The Startup kids poster


The young entrepreneurs talk about how they started their company’s, all the way up to their lives as successful web entrepreneurs. It was interesting to see how most of them start on a shoe string budget and this concept called bootstrapping, where an enterprise with minimal financial resources goes into business. What was even more insightful was when they started talking about Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors that then fund these web start ups.


The only gripes I had was, if The Startup kids was made in 2012, why was only getting to see this documentary in 2014 on my Apple TV. Secondly some of the sound between scenes could have been edited better, but you can easily gloss over that. You can watch documentary all over the web and your platform of choice so it is good to see independent film projects being supported.

The structure and format of the documentary was engaging and couldn’t be marked down and the whole film has such a sense of transparency and low budget filming that actually lends to the concept of start ups being conveyed in it. I think it would have been shot better by a bigger production house, however it would have lost this self start-up edge that ladies got from just grabbing a video camera and traveling around the U.S. and Europe.

“Entrepreneurship is the new smoking.” – Hermione Way

(Founder of Newspaper and Video Director for the Next Web)

Impressions: The Startup Kids

I’d recommend it to everyone and anyone but I think web professionals would take out the most from it. You will be inspired by some of the things these young people where able to achieve and are still doing. Your biggest temptation after watching The Startup Kids is whether you should also move to Silicon Valley to get your web ideas up and running. More importantly you will be left wondering why you just haven’t been chasing your dreams but in a positive kind of way. Never mind the millions/billions you could make, someone across the world could be facing a problem that your project will solve. That’s impressive.

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