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The Great Gatsby review (2013)

Movies & TV 03 Mar 2014
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What a beautifully shot and a very visually animated movie that makes you want to put on your finest attire and attend a ball or something fancy. This movie packs some seriously eye candy and you will be waiting the whole time for some explosions and serious action. Sadly, you won’t get much of that because this is a well made chick flick. Tucked underneath, stock trades, bootlegging, glitz and glamour, it is easy to fooled that you are not watching a romance movie.

Storyline & Engagement

The Great Gatsby: movie poster

The Great Gatsby: movie poster

The movie does a great job of pulling you into the plot, with clever transition and creative overlays that just immerse you further into this world. The modern day hip hop music though was a clever little touch that helped bridge the gap for viewers that might not be into movies in the 60’s/70’s setting. With Jay-Z, Sean Carter, being on of the executive producers, you won’t be surprised that it is mostly Beyonce and his music used from modern day.

If you can ignore the racism present in the times setting, you will enjoy the attention to detail put into this movie. This advanced choreography bleeds through every aspect of the movie, sometimes in a way you are not used to but it all comes together well.


A stunning performance from all the actors, each fully embodying their characters with our favourite being Toby Macguire. You couldn’t fault any of the casting either as they all fit their shoes well. Definitely watch The Great Gatsby on a big high-definition LED TV if you don’t catch it in the cinema to get the most out the movie. An easy add to ones movie collection.

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