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The Expendables 3 movie (2014) review

Movies & TV 15 Oct 2014
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Guns, explosions, one liners, old guys with muscles that have suffered the effects of gravity. Somehow I found myself at the cinema with a ticket for The Expendables 3 movie just because I need to blow off some steam with my girlfriend. In a way, I kind of picked a good movie for that however here’s what you can expect when and if you choose to watch it.


The Expendables 3: movie poster

The Expendables 3: movie poster

Guns, explosions, old guys and ways we can get them to shoot more things, blow up stuff and do hand to hand combat. That how I imagine the sum of the script for this movie. Oh, and while we are at it let’s try to break the Guiness Book of Records for the most big names and main actors in a movie.

Engagement: The Expendables 3

Now the day after I finished watching this movie, I was highly tempted to end this review with the first line I wrote for this article. I then thought about Antonio Banderas’ performance in this movie and thought he deserves for me to say a little bit more about the movie.


While it was good to see Wesley Snipes back on the credits list, I will say I wasn’t expecting Mel Gibson to actually make a pretty convincing bad guy. Some of the fighting combat was actually pretty engaging despite the near lack of a story line. I personally thought the movie would have been better if it had focused on Antonio Banderas’ character and his fighting style because it was insane. If you watch this movie you will know why.

The Expendables 3

I would love for them makers of this movie to take Antonio Banderas’ character out of this movie and make a spin off that solely focuses on him. That would be epic and a sure hit. As for this movie however, it’s not a total waste of time. If you are into this action genre or are just looking to kill some hours watching a movie on DVD, Blue Ray or on demand streaming, then this isn’t a bad choice. Just excuse not having a sensible story line just to get to some action, cheesy bravado one liners and you should be fine.

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