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The Equalizer movie (2014) review

Movies & TV 19 Oct 2014
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It’s almost reassuring when a movie is starring Denzel Washington, however, while not every single one manages to get me to the cinemas, this one did. An action movie starring Denzel, with a slight hint of a thriller storyline are the vibes this movie’s trailer gave off when I first watched it.

Story line

The Equalizer: movie poster

The Equalizer: movie poster

While the movie was of a thriller it did have a strong enough story line to keep guessing what was going to happen next. The movie starts of a bit slow as they develop the story carefully. While those of you that will choose this title for the action will be itching for the movie to get to the good bit, none of the story development is done haphazardly. Metaphors and moments all contribute to the overall plot of the movie quite well, nothing to fault here.

Engagement: The Equalizer movie

I loved how this movie was shot. It is very cinematic from the moment it starts with every shot and cut in transitioning to the scene very skilfully. In some cases this added anticipation where need and some cases managed invoke fear or tension where it was needed. Very beautifully done.

When the action does start and as the plot thickens, you will have no problem staying engaged either.


Denzel’s performance was good but nothing to win awards over either. It is an impressive movie all in all with a very talented actor lending to that however I do a new or smaller name actor could played the role equally well. The movie wouldn’t have lost it’s impact in this case from what I can tell however it might have struggle to create the same buzz as having Denzel as the main actor.

“The director from the movie Training Day, Antoine Fuqua, has managed to shine from the background yet again.”

As previously mentioned, it’s story telling ability even through the nice camera work make this an impressive enough movie with or without Denzel. The director from the movie Training Day, Antoine Fuqua, has managed to shine from the background yet again.

The Equalizer movie

As impressive as I found The Equalizer, I think it would be an even better DVD or on-demand, live streaming movie to watch at home. If you missed it on the big screen, I think that is fine as it was that impacting that it was a must see on the big screen. The ending suggests a possible sequel however I think a bigger budget, more explosives and even more action would be required to make it a success second time around. It wouldn’t be interesting enough if it stayed on the same level of production, relying solely on beautiful camera skills for story telling, as viewers have become used to more than that.

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