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Sunbeam® Iron: Hollow Power Plug

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For anyone who has ever had to replace an power cord, or even worse stop using an appliance, because you or someone had yanked it out and broke on of the cables internally; this one is for you. Sometimes is the small things that make a big difference and we feel this is one of them. This hollow power plug was on a Sunbeam iron, which to my delight just made it easier to pull out power cords out of sockets.

This made us wonder why all product don’t have this feature on their power cables. Yes, we understand it might add extra costs to production but as a consumer I would rather pay the extra amount if it means giving my product a longer usage lifetime. This might seem like we are nit-picking but if you consider all the kicking of cables that happens by accident, eliminating unnecessary stress that occurs when you are unplugging from the wall socket might go a long way. If you do find you self battling with wall for the plug, with this product you have got a better grip.

I personally have managed to go through two Apple Mac Book power cables, while it was still under warranty thankfully. Yes, I could have been more careful with the cable, I agree. Life isn’t of always neat and I could have potentially part with a fair bit of money if the laptop were out of warranty, or if it were another product with a fixed power cord it would have been easier to replace it. This without a doubt is costly.

In conclusion, this plug won’t eliminate all risk of damaging your product but it is nice to know there are people out the who genuinely want to make our lives easier as they design the product we use daily.

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