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Seoul Trickeye Museum in Hongdae review part 1

The Seoul Trickeye museum in Hongdae is undoubtedly one of the most fun things I have done in my life as well as while we were in South Korea. While in South Korea for the first time, I got to see some cultural buildings, a World Cup stadium, a car museum, a Samsung Mega showcase store and my first ever cat cafe among other things. None of this was as enjoyable as the Seoul Trickeye Museum in Hongdae and the 300 plus pictures I took in there are the most fun to go over again.

Seoul Trick Eye Museum review part 1

Seoul Trick Eye Museum review part 1

We have done things a little differently this time and split this review into 3 parts. This will allow us to share a lot more of the photos we took in the different parts. Please note the final out of 5 score will also be in the last and final part 3, so stay tuned and happy image viewing.

Craftsmanship / Design

The thing about Trickeye Museums that you will quickly realise when you get into one is how this are intentionally designed for you to be a part of it. Not only that, but the way the mark the spots for you to stand it while you take a photo of your friend while in the frames of the artwork.

“…so that it appears as if you are a part of the artwork.”

All the art on the wall and floor is designed in a two and a half D (dimensions) kind of way so that it appears as if you are a part of the artwork. Don’t take our word for it, have a look at the images below in the Gallery.

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Gallery: Part 1

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