Google Maps: Underwater Street View

Today Google launches a new virtual map of oceans, an underwater panoramic “Street view” of special sea spots. Named “Oceans” and accessible at, the experience includes coral reefs and the creatures who live in them, in Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii. The concept behind it was capturing the fragile aquatic ecosystem in it’s different stages and making it available to those who normally wouldn’t have access.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and dive in to the oceans at the safe comfort of your computer.

[fland_tabs] [fland_tab title="Larvotto"]
[/fland_tab] [fland_tab title="The Underwater Museum of Isla Mujeres"] [/fland_tab] [/fland_tabs][fland_toggle title="Mary Celeste Wreck" state="open"] [/fland_toggle]


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