Alienware Steam Machine: Gaming Console

Steam Machine is a line of pre-built PCs that will be manufactured beginning in 2014 by a number of vendors using a range of different design specifications outlined by Valve Corporation for gaming purposes. In short, this a PC gaming machine that is meant to be dedicated to living in your lounge connected to your TV. That pretty much sounds like a console, and that’s because it is but one trying to bring the benefits of PC gaming such faster advancing in gaming engines, graphics and technology.

This new console is meant bring PC gaming to your TV without necessarily following the ecosystem models other consoles follow. Alienware steam machine will say goodbye to the keyboard and mouse replace it with a controller.  While the machine is a full blown PC games will be run using linux, which is can be discouraging for consumers to jump on board as the best PC gaming is on the Windows platform.

  • Alienware (hardware specialist)
  • Valve (games design company)

Late 2014, no details of a date has been released yet.

“What’s to come is interesting, sure, but we’re barely a step closer to functional Steam Machines now than we were prior to the SteamOS release. There’s a long way to go before Gabe Newell can gaze down upon a Linux-based world and say, ‘I did this.’” – PC World.

A traditional console gets launched once every 6 or so years and then pretty much sets the limits gaming developers can reach as the hardware doesn’t change in that time. A gaming pc doesn’t have that problem, as many people can swap out hardware components as they get outdated which allows game developers to keep pushing the limits of graphics faster than they would on  a console.

This particular Steam Machine is a collaboration between Dell’s Alienware, renowned for high end PC & Laptop hardware, and Valve gaming software company known for releasing some big gaming titles such as Portal and Half Life. On paper, this is a match made in heaven but how successful the marriage will be remains to be seen.

While this is undoubtedly intriguing and exciting for current PC gamers, the first generation that get’s launched will need to just work with ease and without necessary worrying about having better than PS4 or Xbox One graphics. Graphics can be improved on, meaning the whole Alienware Steam Machine ecosystem from unboxing, install and gaming will need to be functional with high ease of use.

Either way, we can’t wait to get our hands on this device to give you are a full review.


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