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MyIdol app review

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This has to be one of the coolest 3D apps I have seen so far. The most interesting thing is it is not even in English yet. If you speak Mandarin or Cantonese you will have an easier time using this app compared to everyone else because it is in Chinese with an English version promised to come.


It great to see innovation coming out of China in the app space. It has become common expectation for me to see app innovation coming out of English or western countries. MyIdol has definitely turned that perception upside down for me.

MyIdol app

MyIdol app

I did 3D modelling in university and to see what these guys have done with it on a mobile platform with calculations on the fly with you own face is mind boggling. Some impressive craftsmanship behind the MyIdol app.

Customer satisfaction

Other than having to guess what the Chinese characters on screen where trying to say to me, I was quite happy with what this app did. I was expecting the app to only generate still images and the end of my avatar creation process but they even let you choose what mini video to generate. That’s cool stuff.

Just the way the app merges your photo into the 3D Avatar deserves top scores though. I am sure there are other apps that do the same thing but I don’t think they have the same level of facial realism, birth marks and all.


I have mentioned that the app is not in English but Chinese and I think this will be the biggest challenge for most. The app lends it self for you to use it via prior experience with other apps. I managed to use it to create 2 avatars, their images and videos and I don’t read a word of Cantonese or Mandarin. I think this speaks highly of the apps great usability.

“…and I don’t read a word of Cantonese or Mandarin. I think this speaks highly of the apps great usability.”

Others will struggle to wait for the app to download as it seemed to take a long time to download. I am not sure if the app is just not load balanced for users outside of Asia but I hope this will be fixed with the release of the English version. I don’t think it had much to do with the apps size as it was small enough for iTunes to let me download it on my 4G phone connection and not force me to go under wifi.

MyIdol app

MyIdol app

Conclusion: MyIdol app

It’s a fun app, so much fun that when I saw others posting their avatars or “idols” I just wanted to give it a go. So much so that I went hunting for the right app, which finding it is somewhat of a challenge on it’s own. I also hope the Engish version of the app will come with the ability to share to other popular non-Chinese social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

For me to go the extra mile to find an app like that is a rare occasion and I think that speaks volumes of the brilliance of this app. Those who will download and use it will surely wow their friends with their avatars but more importantly will be laughing their own heads off each step of the creation process.


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