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Lunatik iPod Wristband

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The best built 6th generation iPod Nano accessory in my opinion. The sturdy and tough aluminium body, and high grade plastic used to make the wristband simply outclassed anything the competitors have put out. The detailing in the allen key screws, among other things, is just the icing on the cake. The result when you step back is something beautiful to behold indeed.

The body consists of 2 halves that are fastened by 2 allen key bolt and nut sets, that also attach it to the plastic bands. An additional piece buckles the rest of the band on itself so that it doesn’t flap about once fastened. This leaves you with no spare parts and just the allen key that came with the product to assemble and dismantle it, a process you would not want to repeat everyday as it can be quite cumbersome. This makes it ideal for mid to long term wearing after assembly before you attempt interchanging faces with bands, if that is what you have in mind.

I have had the pleasure of rocking this wristband for over 2 years and I can’t tell you how many ooh’s and ah’s I get from people ogling this product. Even though it is now riddled with exposed metal edges, on areas where there was the most contact, the concept of an iPod as a watch still blows people’s minds 2 years on.

There really is a market for such a device or form factor and Lunatic have capitalised by making it for the most popular mp3 player. This can easily be evidence by the vast array of bands they now produce and some complete with clock faces. This leaves me puzzled as to why Apple didn’t continue this form factor for the 7th generation iPod nano.

If I had to flaw this product it would have to be because of the peeling paint on the edges and the one missing allen key nut that fell out with much use. The wrist band still manages to hold somehow with just the remaining 3 screws.

The other flaws would have to be the inability to protect the iPod fully. The watch with this setup is not waterproof, however this issue can be overcome by just remembering not to dive into the pool wearing it. I did somehow once manage to get glow stick liquid into the 60pin connector slot for the iPod which rendered it useless, without the ability to recharge or transfer. This saw me part with another 60 odd dollars to get a replacement device. With a wristband this beautiful it seems to be the only kit that will do, but in a manner much like some women buying a dress to match their beautiful new shoe – hard to justify.

As the iPod provides the ability to rotate the screen face, It is possible to fasten the body together leaving your earphone jack & controls facing the direction you do or don’t prefer. Listening to music only seemed to be comfortable if you threaded earphones through your clothes so that you are not tangling your hands with the cables. A bluetooth system works better, however only if the one of your choice does not have a huge receiver to dig into your arm every time you bend your hand/wrist.

All things considered, workarounds and all, I would still recommend this first generation product to any watch or gadget enthusiast. Other potential stakeholders might include, those seeking for attention or simply have an extra 6th generation iPod nano lying around and need a watch. I enjoyed having a dedicated, multi mode 16Gb watch and mp3 player on my wrist freeing up my 16Gb iPhone to just be a phone or organiser not cluttered with my large and ever growing music collection.

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