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Lacoste Classic Billfold Wallet

Fashion 30 Oct 2014
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It’s not everyday you bump into a Lacoste leather wallet, unless you frequent the Lacoste store and that definitely wouldn’t be me. I am one of those people that finds Lacoste products nice but too simple or understated. When I saw this wallet in a mall in Phuket, Thailand however, that perception was shattered quickly.

This wallet, only on sale in a few places, was a rare thing to behold. The detail hidden in the simplicity was something I had never seen in a wallet before. Fast forward to today and here I am reviewing the wallet that has been my daily drive for the last 4 months, at the time of writing.

Lacoste Classic Bifold Wallet

Lacoste Classic Billfold Wallet


The wallet exterior is made out of a durable PVC, while the interior is composed of a soft PU and textile lining. Nonetheless, when you hold the wallet it looks and feels like leather. When you open it, the PVC is even textured to look like leather but it isn’t. It feels solid overall and the many grooves printed all over it’s exterior make it an utter pleasure to hold.

On the front, the Lacoste croc logo is embossed into it clearly, beautifully and without flaw. The bumps on the crocodiles back, inside the logo, are a different elevation from the other embossed parts. It’s a beautiful bit of detail to behold up close.

The stitching on the outside of the wallet just compliments the patterns and overall look of the wallet. Its not just functional to keep the wallet together but also has a pleasing aesthetic to it. The Lacoste wallet has enough slots to house 6 cards, a note pocket and 2 concealed sleeves under the cards section.

Customer satisfactions

When you open the wallet, on the left flap is another crocodile flawlessly embossed on it giving an additional sense authenticity. Stitching on the inside of the wallet however looks a bit more tardy but was still professional enough to convince me to buy the wallet. There is ample space to carry around a decent number of cards or memberships and traditional cash if you still use it.

“That hamburger, oversize issue was one of the major gripes that I had with the predecessor wallet succeeded by this Lacoste Classic Billfold wallet.”

No coin slots are in this wallet but that is a good thing as more compartments would turn it into a hamburger in your pocket. That hamburger, oversize issue was one of the major gripes that I had with the predecessor wallet succeeded by this Lacoste Classic Billfold wallet. I also used to have a smaller wallet prior to this one and that also had a problem of hurting or applying pressure to my butt when I sat on it to drive or sitting at work. The pressure was applied on a smaller surface area, which was worse, compared to the hamburger one.

Lacoste Classic Bifold Wallet: front

Lacoste Classic Billfold Wallet: front


The Lacoste Classic Billfold wallet feels like just the right size to cover enough surface area to be bearable for a while if sat on, however over a prolonged period I still prefer to take it out of my back pocket as it still causes some discomfort. This is one thing I wish the wallet addressed entirely, but is definitely an improvement compared to what I had.

Lacoste Classic Billfold Wallet

This wallet is made ‘like a boss.’ Enough to fool anyone that it is made out of leather when it isn’t. I really dragged my feet to get a wallet that would replace the old hamburger sized one. This was partly because a wallet to me isn’t just a thing that holds your money. It is also a fashion accessory that says many things about the person that wields it. All mens wallets I saw where bland, switched off and in other cases too common. When I saw the Lacoste Classic Billfold wallet, it was like having an “Aha” moment. I knew I had found the wallet that was just made better and ticks a lot of other personal boxes I wanted.


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