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Kingsman movie review (2015)

Movies & TV 21 Feb 2015
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Kingsman is one of those spy movies that will leave you wanting to go out and find a tailor so you can be custom fitted. Throw in British accents, my favourite in the whole world, humour and excellent fighting choreography shot with some brilliant cinematography skills and you have the start of a movie franchise that will definitely have a sequel.


In short take every element of a James Bond movie and make it more modern and in tune with the times. From villains, jokes and social issues where all relevant to the world we live in today. All this makes Kingsman in books the first movie to give 007 the closest direct competition it has ever had.

Comparisons aside, the storyline for Kingsman draws from a 2012 comic book series named The Secret Service. This means the plot does feel half baked as it was probably refined and in the comic book. The movie directors do a good job making that well rounded story line translate to the movie.

Kingsman: The Secret Service movie poster

Kingsman: The Secret Service movie poster

Kingsman movie

For those of you that know me, I love suits. So you can understand why throughout the whole movie I enjoyed the eye candy when the cast came out in some custom tailored, fitted suit. While Bond does do suits, Kingsman just feels a cut above in this department. Maybe that is because the latest Bond movies have over emphasised brute strength more than style.

Either way, all elements mentioned earlier will have you glued to the screen the whole time. Spoiler alert: Click to read spoiler sentence. Don’t bother waiting to the end of the credits as there is no short clip with clues to the next movie unless you want to see the “in loving memory of” message at the end. Throughout the movie however you will have no problems with your eyes being glued to the screen, Kingsman is well paced from start to end.


The most impressive things about Kingsman would have to be the way the fighting scenes are filmed. Not to mention the way they transition between scenes just grips your curiosity and leaves you wondering. One of the best and most creative scene transitions I have seen so far.

“…am I the only one who noticed the Oscar Pistorious prosthetic limbs killer reference?”

Then there the other elements like the jokes and stunts that stand out contributing to the overall movie. For example, am I the only one who noticed the Oscar Pistorious prosthetic limbs killer reference? It is hidden in the female villain character just as insurance someone makes one such claim so it will be easy to deny but obvious to see.

The most intriguing thing would have to be how they are introducing you and the main character into the world of the gentleman not just the spy world. That is still kind of unique and plot that has not been played out as much as the spy movie aspect. This makes the Kingsman movie one that will easily impress you but not to point that I would recommend that you must watch it on the big screen.

Conclusion: Kingsman movie

Knowing you will survive if you don’t watch the Kingsman movie at the cinema, I must mention that if you choose to go watch it on the big screen you will not be disappointed. It is one of the 2 movies out with a bit of buzz at the moment, next to American Sniper, and that attention is befittingly deserved.

“…there is a new kid in town. Not so sure if the sudden need for one is due to disputes about potentially having a black James Bond next.”

As much as I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one, there is one thing I would remove from this movie. Spoiler alert: Click to read spoiler sentence. That would be the anal sex references at the end of the movie all implied in dialogue, the passcode for the jail cell and the visuals acts. While I identify other may not feel as strongly as me on this, I think the movie did not need to stoop so low as it would have held it’s own without it. This is the one thing that had a sense of trying to much in this movie in being ground breaking or the first to do such a thing.

That minor thing aside, the movie is full of many firsts while managing to be witty and, more importantly, classy. Make way James Bond, there is a new kid in town. Not so sure if the sudden need for one is due to disputes about potentially having a black James Bond next.

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