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Keep Cup Brew Glass Coffee Cup review

Lifestyle 02 Mar 2015
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My heart sank when I saw the Keep Cup Brew glass coffee cup because I had just bought the plastic keep cup. Thankfully the Keep Cup Brew wasn’t expensive so I got it also all in the name of review. The convincing factor was that one would be for home and one would stay at work. The problem was I liked my Keep Cup Brew so much I used it everywhere and the plastic keep cup became more of a backup.


Keep Cup Brew

Keep Cup Brew

The Keep Cup Brew stands out from all other Keep Cups because it is made out of glass. This is a much better material when it comes to beverages as it doesn’t retain smells as much as the plastic material. This also holds true for the Keep Cup Glass versus that plastic one. It’s also good to see that they now provide a sustainability break down on their website since our last Keep Cup review.

Everything else about the Keep Cup Brew seems to one up the plastic Keep Cup. It almost seems they wanted to improve on all the shortcomings of the traditional Keep Cup. Materials used on the lid have been improved and just feel more substantial as well.

Customer satisfaction

Keep Cup Brew

Keep Cup Brew

I am much happier with the glass Keep Cup especially being able to see my drink of choice through it. It just adds that little bit of fanciness to sipping tea or coffee in this cup. I also have no problems drinking water from it after giving it a thorough rinse as there isn’t much of a scent retained from what was in the cup prior. I even convinced one of my ex-coworkers to get the glass keep which she also fell dearly in love with.

“The other thing you must avoid is dropping this Keep Cup which I did once…”


Keep Cup Brew

Keep Cup Brew

All improvements factored in, the glass Keep Cup Brew does retain some scents after cleaning although at a very minimal compared to the plastic one. If you are more diligent than I am with cleaning the cup straight after your beverage is finished or gone cold, this scent problem might not be an issue at all. What was definitely an issue was the fact that glass seemed to lose the heat in your coffee much faster that plastic.

The problem that comes up with being able to glare at your beverage in the Keep Cup Brew is that you always want to keep it full. For me this meant I noticed the number of teas I drank per day go up as I still limit the number of coffees I have per day.

The other thing you must avoid is dropping this Keep Cup which I did once after placing it on top of my car to free up my hands. Fortunately the fragile Keep Cup Brew fell on to the grass I had parked next to, barely missing the concrete of the curb.

Conclusion: Keep Cup Brew
Glass Coffee Cup

Keep Cup Brew review

Keep Cup Brew review

Despite getting quite the fright when I dropped the Keep Cup Brew as time seemed to switch to slow motion, I love the glass material the Keep Cup Brew is made of. I found drinking really thin or nonviscous beverages, like a long black, caused it to leak still from the side of the lid. This might be more because I am drinking tea and non barista made coffee at times, which ends up not being quite as thick.

Removing the lid and drinking without it seems to be the only solution to these Keep Cup leaking problems. This is sad because your beverage goes cold faster while you try to exercise more caution so you don’t to spill the drink on yourself due to the larger glass opening. I am not sure if the lid is expanding differently from glass cup.

Somehow being able to see your beverage seemed to be magic enough to cause me to overlook the new problems introduced by the glass material.


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