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Indie Game: The Movie (2013)

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Unlike being inspired by The Startup Kids with success stories only, Indie Game: The Movie throws you into the stresses and headaches of being a programmer or indie game maker. Unsupported by a large team, or a financial backer, independent gamers are showing in this movie labouring for 2 – 4 years making their imagined creations. The only correlation anyone can make between The Indie Game documentary and the Startup Kids one, is the bootstrap component i.e. the developers work with very low funding and hope for big success.

Indie Game: The Movie - poster

Indie Game: The Movie – poster


The documentary follows three camps of independent Game Makers in the midst of their journey to make their creations public. This makes for seeing the range of emotions the developers have as sometimes the pressure becomes too much, and other times a calm, peace and clarity about where they are heading. As your take a look into their lives throughout the journey of game making, in their habitat more and more about the featured individuals backgrounds is revealed.


This style of revealing more background information about the main cast does help keep you engage as the plot does still move forward funny enough. The documentary is definitely shot by people who know what they were doing, as certain frames have some outstanding camera angles, views, concepts and shots. I would watch it again just to see some of these shots, despite knowing the storyline and I think that is a good sign that they succeeded in making it intimate.

Impressions – Indie Game: The Movie

This is not a feel good documentary. In fact, it is depressing for a very long while to accurately depict the severity of Indie game making. It eventually starts to a positive turn about three quarters in, of which the challenges faced in the journey still seem to far out weighs the positive when it does appear. My girlfriend made a remarked if the success worthwhile in the end if you were so stressed out throughout the process. Being a developer, I think they did an good job showing why so few people do it and why those that do, are highly rewarded because it isn’t easy.

The impression it left me with was, this would be a good movie for anyone looking to get into programming or games development. Watching this movie, you can see the reality of the field. Definitely a very different impression from what I had of the documentary before I started watching it.

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