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Ice Cornet Hot and Cold Ice Cream review

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Invented by a housewife, the Ice Cornet is a hot and cold ice-cream on a cone made out of fried bread. Sounds pretty cool, right? While the Japanese lady does admit the invention part of the new dessert was more out of coincidence when the family was going through a difficult time and she needed to serve her son some ice cream with her home made bread dessert. Fast forward 6 years later, a couple of million Yen later and you now have a growing franchise brand we bumped into in Malayasia. You bet yourself we were keen to trying.

Ice Cornet: Vanilla & Chocolate

Ice Cornet: Vanilla & Chocolate

The taste test

So there we were, standing at an Ice Cornet stand in Malaysia’s new budget airport KLIA2, excited to try out our first hot and cold ice cream. We were a little disappointed that ours didn’t come out quite as hot as we expected and rather, it was more a warm and cold dessert. That minor disappointment aside, I loved easting the bread cone with my ice cream. It felt easy and a better marriage of soft textured foods compared to the old, traditional, crunchy cones.

I only realised that the cone was fried when I was putting in more research on the creation process. The cone despite being fried somehow managed to maintain the softness of bread, with an outer layer of slightly glazed sugary goodness. Even the inside of the cone is still soft, the whole cone manages the hold your ice cream without falling apart all of a sudden.

We shared a vanilla cone, and the balance was just right. Unfortunately we couldn’t stomach a chocolate one at the time.

Conclusion: Ice cornet
hot and cold ice cream review

The company does make other desserts that don’t have the cone made out of bread, however the ones with this unique cone seem to be their drawing card. That being said, I think the best part of this ice cream is not the hot and cold component they readily promote but rather the marriage between ice cream and bread. Simply tender, and unfortunately that might mean one would end up consuming more ice cream than intended.

Ice Cornet Malaysian Price List

Ice Cornet Malaysian Price List

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