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Hearts on fire delight lady di engagement ring ‘her’ review

Fashion 05 Mar 2015
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First of all, I would like to talk about the engagement ring – the actual concept itself. We live in Australia now but I am originally from Korea, where most of the engagements are usually done after a couple decides the wedding date. I believe this practice has changed in recent years and more couples go through the so-called ‘surprise’ engagement with a diamond ring.

As you may have seen in our previous reviews we are two very different individuals, as in the country of origin, skin colour, culture, language to list a few. The process of the engagement and wedding is one of those topics we have quite different perspectives on and we grew up with different expectations.


Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di

Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di

As my fiancée mentioned in his review, I am practical and like ‘comfortable’ attire wherever I am (or I would like to believe so). I put more meaning on our relationship as it is and not necessarily believing in a material possessions to represent our love/relationship. Getting attention from others is something that I am not used to or enjoy and our engagement was another event that I wasn’t keen to advertise to everyone.

Getting a diamond ring as an engagement ring was a foreign idea to me from the beginning. If allowed, I was even prepared to just get a simple pair of rings to signify our love.

Like any other control freak (anyone else out there), I researched everything from fake diamonds, buying a diamond from internet, buying a diamond locally, to reading reviews of various diamond rings.

“Getting attention from others is something that I am not used to…”

My initial thought was we’ve got to save money. Let’s get something simple and I don’t mind getting an upgrade when we are in a better place financially.


Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di v

Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di

How did I end up getting such shiny, snowflakey, flowery ring? I honestly have no idea how we ended up so totally over the budget.

The journey starts here.

My fiancée went to try out some rings with my best friend ages ago. Life events happened and he only recently decided that it was time to get a ring. I have never gone diamond shopping or go near those shops with pricey stones. I don’t usually wear jewellery except for special occasions so it was something I never thought of until we talked about our engagement ring. Unfortunately, the shop where he saw the ring had closed now and clearly the ring he had decided on initially was no longer available for purchase. I somehow took this opportunity to explore the jewellery shops nearby to see what’s available

We literally went everywhere! From Tiffany & Co, to some other jewellery shops whose names I don’t remember. The funny thing is the jewellery stall we went to the first time was Trewarne Jewellers at Chadstone and our hearts were sold after looking at those fiery, Hearts on Fire diamond rings.

“We literally went everywhere! From Tiffany & Co, to some other jewellery shops…”

I went to all the shops to justify or to find a substitute ring to the Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di engagement ring, as can be seen in the competitor photos in the image gallery, that was cheaper and more affordable. However, my dear fiancée had already made up his mind and didn’t want to change to other designs or brands.

Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di: Platinum

Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di: Platinum

Customer satisfaction

We can write a full on review about the hearts on fire. I do understand that there are different reviews and point of views about this particular brand. We are not diamond specialist. We have chosen this ring based on our own value and we do not regret it since it is such a beautiful ring.

Conclusion: Hearts on Fire
Delight Lady Di
engagement ring ‘her’ review

Will I purchase another hearts on fire diamond ring? I might get my wedding band from Trewarne Jewellers as I will be able to get my engagement and wedding band looked after from one jeweller. It will be easier to get the rings cleaned and serviced if anything happens in the future. The wedding band in the banner and other pictures is actually made by Trewarne Jewellers to compliment the Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di.

If there are any particular questions about the ring and Hearts on Fire, please feel free to leave comments below and we will try our best to answer it. One other thing I should mention is, I have a small hand and my ring size is I 1/2. Good for my fiancée as my hands make any stone look big. I think we are going to have many fun stories to share with you as we prepare for our wedding. Be sure to follow our blog or social media pages. – J


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