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Hearts On Fire Delight Lady Di engagement ring ‘his’ review

Fashion 07 Feb 2015
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The Delight Lady Di engagement ring by Hearts on Fire, or as me and my jeweller at Trewarne Diamonds Melbourne nicknamed it ‘the snowflake’ is a stunning ring. Before we even talk about the diamonds, just how they put together the 13 stones in the design alone is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. That is probably why I ended up choosing to pay my hard earned money for one of these masterpieces.

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di


Looking at the ring in person is mind blowing as the design has you gazing at it in silence for short, awkward moments of silence while you simply try to understand what is going on with this ring. Once you understand what is going with arrangement of stones, the amazing colours that the diamonds give off hypnotise you even further to gaze upon the piece of jewellery just a little bit longer.

Whichever way or angle you look at this ring, you are captivated by curiosity to look at it more. I am not bragging here but trying to make you understand how looking at the ring for me instantly convinced me I needed to upgrade me budget for the ring. The Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di engagement ring so beautifully encapsulated our cherish worthy six plus year relationship of dating and it’s value therein in a single object, priceless.

Delight Lady Di White Gold vs. Platinum

Delight Lady Di white Gold vs. Platinum

Customer satisfaction

After looking at many rings, using my now fiancees best friends hands as a finger model and settling on a different ring; the moment I then saw this ring was like light bulb moment. The ring and I had been hunting for was in front of me and all others paled in comparison instantly.

All that remained was ordering it correctly, in the right sizes, diamond settings alloys or materials i.e. white gold vs. platinum to something that we would both cherish. I will explain in another article about choosing an engagement ring why I ended up settling for the platinum ring as there are pros and cons to the materials.

After all things were chosen, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the ring. Maybe if it had a bigger stone or a smaller price tag but that’s an article for another day.


“When you see it in person, you will be stunned by how much colour ‘blings’ out of this ring.”

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di


With the number of carats you choose being insignificant, as all sizes are sure to dazzle, The biggest challenge with the Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di engagement ring is that it is too enchanting that it starts to attract attention and potentially undesired at that. I feel for my fiancee as I feel I have made a little hard with this ring because she is self conscious about wearing this ring to certain places. Mi’ lady is not flashy and likes an understated look which is the very opposite from me, and you might start to understand why she would shy away from wearing the ring everywhere.

Other than that, she definitely takes it off to do any physical labour being extra cautious not to damage it or lose a rock. Time is yet to tell whether whether dirt and lint with get caught up in the rings gaps and holes. With just one month and 2 weeks of wearing the ring so far, she hasn’t managed to get the Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di engagement ring caught up in her clothes. As the ring is quite elevated, this might change in winter when she will wear more knit wear.

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di

Conclusion: Hearts on Fire
Delight Lady Di engagement ring

None of the photo’s in the image gallery below will do this ring justice. When you see it in person, you will be stunned by how much colour ‘blings’ out of this ring. It just doesn’t refract light like the other rings I saw even within minutes apart from seeing this ring for the first time. It blazes out an amazing spectrum of colours, especially under light, and that is what won me over in combination with it’s design.

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di

Hearts on fire: Delight Lady Di

So far so good with the Hearts on Fire Delight Lady Di engagement ring. There’s not much to complain about at the moment, with the exception of the particle inclusions in the main diamond when viewed under the diamond viewing gadget compared to the one they had on display. This was fine though as the inclusions were negligible since you couldn’t see them with the naked eye, both from a distance and up close.

Thank you for reading my ‘his’ review of the ring. We might review Trewarne Diamonds at some point and tell you about customer service experience we got. We will definitely to putting together a video review for you but if you would like to see a ‘her’ review from the fiancee, be share to like, share, tweet, one plus this review. That way we can together convince her to take time to do it from her busy schedule with your interest.


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