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While using our website you might come across some new words. Our aim is to assist you to understand what these terms mean and how we are using them in our understanding. If that doesn’t work for you and you still don’t understand then, feel free to use your favourite dictionary:

Creativity  – the originality of a product, item or feature measured not only by its uniqueness but also the innovation to better its existing components.
Usability  – the ease of use of a product, item or feature derived from its intuitiveness before, during or after use by the pure interaction.
Practicality – an analysis of the usage experience beyond the cumulation of features & specifications.
Visibility – the direct translation of what features do at first view or further interaction before receiving external explanation.
Modality – the change in meaning of a product, item or feature as its view or states change
Sustainability – how much a product, item or feature facilitates to reduce it’s impact on the environment in the lifetime of it’s use.
Accessibility – the level of which an item lends itself to disabled individuals making its use much easier for them.

GPS – Global Positioning System
SMS – Short Message Sending