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Fury movie (2014)

Movies & TV 04 Nov 2014
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The Fury movie was one of those movies I didn’t have much of an expectation for. In fact, we didn’t think it worthy of putting up on our release dates timeline solution. You can start to imagine how I ended up at the cinemas because there was a birthday to be celebrated but nothing better to watch.


The story picks up in the World War where the world was trying to stop Hitler and his Nazi movement. Having walked into the movie house as the movie was started, I think that was about all the factual information ends in the movie. The rest of the story seems a bit made up however taking hints from some harsh war realities.

Fury movie 2014: poster

Fury movie 2014: poster

You will be glad to know this isn’t another mindless action movie wrapped a weak story line. Being based on a war time that is from history, I think forced the story tellers to have a plot with some balance. It felt like the movie makers really did have a story to tell and it really does have point other than beat the bad guys, which is a big part of it.

In a time where war, action and video games are made to make the army look cool then as a tool to recruit soldier, I really appreciate this movie. It highlights the scenario where a person joins the army to be a part of division that is not on the front lines but ends up there, right in the thick of it. That is a story rarely told nowadays even though we are moving into an era where machines are replacing human beings on the battlefield.

Engagement: Fury movie

The movie grips you from the moment you sit down and does let go. When you are not anxious from the action, you are anticipating what is going to happen next in the story line. I honestly couldn’t even steal a moment to imagine how the movie would end because I was so nailed to the moment that the movie wanted me to be in.

“Unlike a horror movie, I think what was scary was how close to reality the scenarios in it were.”

Even if I had walked into this movie with high expectations, I doubt I would have had any trouble being and staying by the movie. The movie is carefully brewed entertain you in every second.


Fury is one of those movies where my girlfriend nearly snapped my fingers a couple of times. It is incredibly petrifying causing you to squirm in some moments. Unlike a horror movie, I think what was scary was how close to reality the scenarios in it were. The movie fully immerses you in a way I didn’t fully comprehend. All I knew was the more and more the movie progressed, the more and more I empathised with each character in it.

The actors in the movie couldn’t be flawed and wore their characters well. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the use of the bible in the movie but then again that could have been exactly part of the story that the movie makers were trying to show, specifically how in those times the bible was used for anything even war.

Conclusion: Fury movie

Understanding what movies trend in the box office and cinemas nowadays, I can see how Fury didn’t make much noise. It’s simply one of those movies you have to watch to appreciate. Even though the trailer for the movie gives out a fair bit of key information in the plot, which I hate by the way, I think viewers will still be pleasantly surprised. Although you might not be expecting it, this is one of those movies that might end up in your movie collection. If you never watch it, you will never catch you self in one of those conversations where people usually say, “I can’t believe you have’t watched that movie yet.”

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