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FURLA clutch purse review

Fashion 03 Mar 2015
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My journey in acquiring this Furla clutch purse started because I needed a clutch purse to contain all my dialy bits and pieces I have to carry around everyday. The decision in the end came down to Michael Kors versus Furla as they both had similar products in that category.

Everyone caries Michael Kors bags nowadays and I wanted something different and unique so you can imagine how I ended going for Furla. The only issue is I couldn’t find the name of the purse so we are going to have to go with the generic description for it.

Furla Clutch Handbag

Furla Clutch Handbag


Furla had a better colour range in terms of what I liked. That was one of the main differences that helped in consideration other than the use of different materials. Michael Kors uses normal, soft leather for their clutch bag while Furla uses saffiano leather.

I like the feel of the saffiano leather better, even though it does expand as much which it gives it a bit of rigidity. It’s a very simple and clean looking clutch purse.

Customer satisfaction

Furla Clutch Handbag

Furla Clutch Handbag

I love the fact that I can put my mobile phone, house keys, car keys and cards in it so you don’t have to bring around a separate purse. Michael Kors was actually a little bit cheaper but I wanted something rare on the streets at the moment and a bit unique. I don’t like to carry a lot of things out but those things that I must take with me the purse handles with ease.

“…those things that I must take with me the purse handles with ease.”

Depending on how I place them the bag gets a slight bulge or an awkward shape. I would really have to wait longer to see how the Furla clutch purse breaks in to see if it deforms as result of this. For now I am happy but not like yes, this is the best buy ever. I needed a clutch and now I am happy with the Furla clutch purse I now have. The receipt was just an ordinary one unlike the bespoke ones you get for Louis Vuitton handbags that look like a love letter.


Furla Clutch Handbag

Furla Clutch Handbag

I don’t like the logo, maybe it is the font but that’s might be personal preference. While I am carrying it, I feel like logo might fall out. It expands a little less compared to soft leather but that makes it more sturdy. It’s an everyday bag that I can also use a dress up purse but it would have to match well with the outfit. I would be cautious making it an occasions bag that it could truly well be used as by someone else.

“…saffiano vs. soft leather…”

It also feels prone to scratching so it is one of those everyday purse you have to be a lot more careful with. I don’t think the type of leather, saffiano vs. soft leather, would have made much of a difference in this respect.

FURLA clutch purse

Furla Clutch Purse

Furla Clutch Purse

It is definitely one of those purchases I made because I needed something for it’s purpose and this is meeting the needs so far. I don’t think I will be making another purchase from Furla as I wasn’t a fan of their other designs, unlike my boyfriend. The only way this will change is if they come up with something amazing in the future. The Fabrics used inside the bag feel great as they are just the right texture and thickness.

It definitely isn’t a budget bag and the price point for it definitely is easy on the bank considering I was originally considering a Chanel purse in a similar size and style which was 7 times the cost of the Furla.


Shot using the iPhone 6 Plus.

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