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Frozen movie (2014) review

Movies & TV 14 Oct 2014
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After traveling through Asia recently and bumping into kids from different countries that had fallen in love with the Let it go song from this movie, I decided it was finally time to watch and review it. Frozen seemed to be haunting me even beyond the trip, within even more videos on social media of kids that had fallen in love with the song that it was driving me crazy. So I rented it on the Apple TV and watched it just so I can tell you what the fuss is all about in the Frozen movie.

Frozen: Movie Poster

Frozen: Movie Poster


This is yet another sing along, animated movie from Disney, guaranteed to be kid safe. Firstly, once you have watched a couple Disney animated movies, there’s not much more to expect from them really. They have a recipe and it works, for their sales I guess, and they keep using it. No surprises here in terms of what’s plausible in a princess story. The storyline is pretty much a rinse and repeat that takes a back seat to all the singing and animated eye candy.

I did struggle to see what people liked about the storyline of this movie. I am glad I didn’t part with my money for a movie ticket to see it.


The snow man has to be the most interesting character for me. Maybe that is because he was designed to be the funniest. Every other character was pretty much run off the mill and wasn’t worth remembering after the movie. I do understand that I am not in the main target audience aimed at by the makers of this movie, but there other similar animated movies that managed to give me a better buzz.

“I was so close to counting how many Songs Per Minute (SPM’s) they were going to break out into.”

In fact, I typed a review for another movie while watching this movie. I watched the Lego Batman movie right after it, and in that movie, I struggled to get through a paragraph before giving up on trying to do anything else but watch the movie. As a result, I think this movie failed to engage me on a deeper level.


While the drawings were flawless, I couldn’t stop wondering if Disney is now mass producing animated movie titles on some new production line that has resulted in this movie. It seemed the song writing and actual animation phases were the hardest parts in the making this movie. The process of coming up with this storyline I am sure must have been like, reverse engineering some princess, happily ever after story to end up looking slightly different from the typical (but not too far off).

I know it is for kids, but it felt like they could have tried a bit harder on a lot of elements in this movie. I felt like I was watching Glee in an animated, 3D film. I was so close to counting how many Songs Per Minute (SPM’s) they were going to break out into.

Frozen movie

I’m not surprised the only thing that trended from the Frozen was the Let it go song. I feel like they would have made more song sales than movie sales judging from what people actually like months after release. If you like musicals, then you might actually really like this movie. For the rest of us that know that a successful animated movie without singing is possible, felt like this was unimaginative. Either that or we have come to expect better, the bar has been raised much higher by other animated titles.

Give us a new recipe Disney, our tastes have changed. How can this movies execution still be reminiscent of the Lion King? If I were to watch this movie again, it would be to count and put an actual figure to how many Songs Per Minute there are.

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