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Equus by Hermes review

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This is the Equus from Hyundai, the car whose rear looks more impressive than it’s front if I am honest. While most of you are probably scratching your heads over the brand name Equus, allow us to explain that it more synonymous to what the Maybach is to Mercedes Benz. Most of the ones we saw on the street demanded your attention due to their vast size, and a good majority of those struggled to keep your attention when you finally laid your eyes on the design of the front. That was of course true until we saw this Equus by Hermes.

Equus by hermes: side logo

Equus by hermes: side logo


The Equus in the picture, is a collaboration between Hyundai and the woman’s luxury bag manufacturer Hermes. Like most guys when it comes to luxury hand bag brands, I had never heard of the brand Hermes before. Then my girlfriend started explaining to me how it is an elite brand that you sign up to go on waiting list, before they get around to custom making your handbag. After that, she also explained the pricing range for Hermes which according to my imagination sounded about right for the level of service they are offering.

Equus by Hermes: side mirror

Equus by Hermes: side mirror

The partnership

Hyundai couldn’t have picked a more suitable brand to build a bespoke version of the Equus, decked out with so much two tone leather that the amount of it alone is impressive before we even talk about the pleasing colour combination. That interior was so plush you just had to see it to understand. This is the part that I should probably mention that there are only 3 of these Equus by Hermes models ever made, each costing $2,000,000.00 to manufacture. Yes, this is a 2 million dollar Hyundai.


While this one was in the Hyundai Gallery, another was at the Motor Show in Busan (South Korea) that was on at the same time when we were viewing this one. The location of the third one wasn’t disclosed to us by the lovely gallery representative that tells you anything you want to know about the car in this Gallery. He then went on to add that these cars were not for sale and were more so made to show what Hyundai can achieve.


The Korean gentleman also exclaimed that even the C.E.O. of Hyundai probably wouldn’t be able to buy and maintain the running costs of this vehicle. After much probing on how much they would sell it for, as if I could afford one, he casually said 3 million dollars. Who knew Hyundai was capable of making such a car? One of the most expensive pieces of art I have ever laid my eyes on.

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