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Edge of Tomorrow (2014) movie review

Movies & TV 07 Jul 2014
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Edge of tomorrow is the first movie I’ve ever watched in 4D. I was more excited about the 4D part I must be honest, however I think I picked a good movie to watch in 4D for the first time. When I watched the trailer, it was good that I wasn’t overly hyped to see the Edge of Tomorrow, otherwise it would have struggled to hit the higher range out of 10. Don’t let that mislead you into thinking that the movie was bad. It actually blew me away even when I watched it a second time in 2D.


Spoiler alert: Click to read spoiler paragraph.
You might not want to read the next sentence if you don’t want a spoiler. This storyline wasn’t overly original. When you are nearing the end of the movie, in the climax of the story, you realise that this movie is a rip off of the Matrix conclusion. Then when the movie ends, you realise that the concept of the story is very similar to that of the movie Source Code.

While I do understand that all stories do borrow concepts here and there, it’s hard to ignore the plagiarism here. I didn’t realise the similarity in storyline concept until someone actually mentioned it to me weeks after watching the movie. That’s partly thanks to the amazing way the concept has been moulded to fit this story, it’s genius. Added to the way they engage you throughout the whole story, you’d be lucky if you do notice the concept wasn’t original.

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My favourite part in the Edge of tomorrow is how the movie makers manage to grip your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat. That’s before we even talk about the 4D. With that you obviously can’t stay on the edge of your seat, otherwise you’d be flung out. While you won’t need seat belts, you do feel every blow in 4D which cranks up the engagement very much.

In 2D, this movie still proves it doesn’t need the extra help to keep you glued to the screen. When I watched it a second time, I didn’t feel like my mind wondered at all. Despite having a familiar concept, I obviously didn’t mind watching it again with a different group of friends who wanted to watch it. That should give you an idea of how engaging it is, simply top shelf stuff.


Because the movie is so engaging, you won’t be disappointed by how the movie leaves an impression. Both times I watched it, I left the movie house feeling like it was worthwhile the movie ticket. For those that are going to watch on the DVD, Blue-ray or streaming on their media center; you are in for one awesome ride.

It’s action packed enough that it took full advantage of a lot the features in 4D, while not being so brainless due to being driven by mindless bashing. If anything, the action, storyline and mystery where all equally balanced, so well that it started nearing The Avengers territory.

“This movie has high re-watchability value.”

The only other thing people would be able to flaw in the movie Edge of Tomorrow, is the maybe Tom Cruise and how he can be annoying. I honestly didn’t have that problem with him, and actually think he made this story. A different actor might not have been as engaging or delivered quite well in addition to all the other efforts that went into making this movie so engaging. You couldn’t flaw the rest of the cast either.

Edge of Tomorrow

Yes, if you watch this movie at home or in 4D it will be a solid 10. If you choose to go watch this movie on the big screen in 2D or 3D, it’s still worth the night out or the ticket fare. All the storyline similarities are not deal breakers in my opinion. If anything they should just make you want to watch the movie more. This movie has high re-watchability value. The combination of all these things, leave you with a movie that can be put in the category of movies you’d regret you didn’t watch. That’s because that ending indicates a sequel is on the way.

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