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Diesel Watch DZ-4273 review

Fashion 27 Oct 2014
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It’s a sheer pleasure to rock this watch. After one more person complimented on it’s enormous size, I thought it was high time to review it. I have had the timepiece for about 9 months now and it is become a tradition of mine to get a new watch for each birthday. Something about getting old and reminding myself about time, I still haven’t fully convinced myself but that’s my excuse for now and I am sticking to it.


Diesel Watch DR-4273: Shot using iPhone 5

Diesel Watch DR-4273: Shot using iPhone 5

This watch is beautifully designed and then machined. The sheer size of it is a thing to behold but the secret to it I believe is that big bezel. It is 51.50mm in diameter. The knobs are a thing of art and even if they didn’t actually do anything on the watch they would be beautiful decorations. The dials inside the watch face look good too and yes, they do stuff too like split second time for racing.

The choice to have some numbers written as digits and the rest as strokes along the face circle adds to the overall visual aesthetics of the watch. The same goes for the Diesel logo used to represent the 9 o’clock mark. The top edge of the watch face is rotatable to adjust if you are crossing time differences by a couple of hours, instead of resetting the whole watch. The edges of that rotatable piece are also marked with beautiful grooves along one edge and more time telling markings along the top edge.

The dark brown band is made from genuine leather and is a wider width than your average wrist watch band to beautiful compliment the large size of the watch face. That dark brown colour also seems to accentuate the dark gray, graphite colour of the watch face that make the black hands of the clock and its number markings stand out. I love everything about the way this watch is built.


Diesel Watch DR-4273: Shot using iPhone 6 Plus

Diesel Watch DR-4273: Shot using iPhone 6 Plus

The only real challenge I had with the watch was the leather band. Although the watch is water resistant, leather isn’t. This means jumping into water wearing this watch is not advisable unless you change the the wrist bands. If you want to change the band, you will need to unscrew the screw, bolt looking fixtures that hold it together.

“The watch is a stunner. Matching it with all colours is a breeze however it best compliments brown or khakhi…”

I have a small wrist and the watch still looks quite decent despite being large, however I usually wear the band on the second smallest hole latch and the watch moves a bit sometimes. This means it usually ends up facing sideway by a little bit. Moving the band to the smallest hole latch fixes that problem, however I don’t feel comfortable with the squeeze that gives and can be evidenced with the veins in my left hand starting to pop out a bit more than my right hand. This band issue will not be much of an issue for most people though and I am really nitpicking here.

Diesel Watch DR-4273: Shot using iPhone 6 Plus

Diesel Watch DR-4273: Shot using iPhone 6 Plus

Customer satisfactions

The watch is a stunner. Matching it with all colours is a breeze however it best compliments brown or khakhi outfits. Bright, vibrant or fluorescent colours aren’t the best to wear with this watch as they usually don’t match. You can pull off white with some creativity or even changing the bands to different colours if you can.

There isn’t much to be disappointed by with this watch. For me personally, I bought it on sale around Boxing Day and have compared it with online prices so I feel like I have gotten a killer deal here. The countless compliments and comments I get for this watch, especially when I travel outside Australia, seem to be the proof in the pudding for how good it is.

Conclusion: Diesel
Watch DZ-4273 review

Diesel designed watches are now some my favourites after owning this one. This watch is build like a boss and I am glad to have it in my collection. The fact that they are rare just makes it that much more of a prized possession. The watch comes with standard back that allows you to replace the battery or that any watch repairer can access. That being said, Fossil where I bought this watch offers free battery changes for the lifetime of the watch so I will be sure to take advantage of that guarantee so that it is ticking for years to come.

I will definitely be fending off friends, relatives and family that want it to be a hand me down for years to come.


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