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Color Me Rad 5K Run review

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Undoubtedly some of the best, low cost, fun I have ever had. Not to mention, it is health & fitness promoting too. Color Me Rad 5K run has left us wishing I could relive that run every weekend if possible. It is an exciting and equally satisfying event I would recommend to everyone. And surely, everyone did show up to this particular event, young, old, fit, overweight, able, disabled, pets, boys and girls.

What is Color Me Rad?

Color Me Rad is such a fun 5Km run, community event, suitable for families, that takes a normal dull run and puts it on blast. You start off with a plain white t-shirt and all along the run, a dash of colour is added for some extra fun. It was well organised, with first aid/paramedics ready to step on the scene should anything go wrong. The coloured powder used is made from corn starch, therefore is 100% edible. I would recommend not inhaling the powder too much, as it does get a bit annoying and you will feel it down your nose to throat. I am not a fan of Yoga, but a yoga stretch is conducted before the race for the whole group in the same location the massive after party is held to celebrate your feat over the 5k run.

ColorMeRad: Summersault girl

ColorMeRad: Summersault girl


Bringing a change of clothes is highly recommend, among other things mentioned on the Color Me Rad FAQ’s page. Colour Me Rad is originally a US company, and has now started all over Australia. The way we see, these guys are going to make a tonne of money and it seems their website does mention some not for profit options. If we had to pick a favourite part in the race, it would have to be how colourful every look at the after race dance party.

This is officially the first 5 out of 5 we have ever awarded, and it would take us so many words to try and explain why we feel that way. Instead we have attached the largest photo gallery we have ever put up, so you can get a feel of the experience. These photo’s are by no means the best we took, however are the one’s we have rights to use. We still wish we could show them all. This event made me fall in love with photography on a whole new level, those sunglases used just added even more personality to every shot taken. Simply stunning.


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