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Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the future of Branded Currency TED talk review

Movies & TV 23 Feb 2015
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Trust an advertiser to explain a very complex concept in a very simple and creative manner. Bitcoin is a very sophisticated piece of technology or digital currency that is so innovative that it is synonymous with explaining the internet to a world that had never used or seen it before.

Simply put, it very hard to wrap your head around it’s nuances fully at the first go so I was glad to come along this TED talk that just looks at Bitcoin conceptually and compares similar financial models.


For months now I have been trying to find the best TED talk to explain or introduce Bitcoin to the world with. While most videos I found did a great job at explaining a certain aspect of Bitcoin, nothing was quite befitting for first impressions to someone who does not know what it is.

“…versus Bitcoin, at the time, he called the worlds best performing currency.”

Paul Kemp-Robertson calls upon sweat and the product Tide to contextualise Bitcoin, in a very clever way if I might add. He then continues to use statistics and other consumer behavioural similes that show you the psychology that explains the traditional currencies we use versus Bitcoin, at the time, he called the worlds best performing currency.

Engagement: Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide.
Meet the future of Branded Currency

Part of the reason why I chose Paul’s TED talk to introduce Bitcoin was his presentation skills. This man is comfortable in his own skin while delivering this TED talk in an engaging manner. He doesn’t get too geeky as most people who try to explain Bitcoin do at the expense of losing their audience. Paul manages to stay on the money here, excuse the pun, keeping it factual, light and to the point.


What impressed me about Paul and what probably makes him more believable is that he isn’t trying to sell you Bitcoin as a concept. Rather he is presenting it with other forms of new currencies like it too, while showing that he has no particular bias to one over another. His goal seems to be just showcasing these different new forms of currencies that we might not have realised exist in our lives or world.

“…these new currencies are here to interrogate traditional fiat currencies.”

While his statistics on unclaimed frequent flyer points are sure to intrigue you, his most interesting statement has to be the fact that these new currencies are here to interrogate traditional fiat currencies. That again is new and refreshing as an aspect to highlight compared to the convention most people use in definition, that Bitcoin is a disruptive technology, a term that probably gets most worked up.

Conclusion: Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide.
Meet the future of Branded Currency

Paul’s most valuable perspective in explaining and defining these new concepts for currency was his choice to look at them as Brands and their perceived value. I think that starts to peel away at the underlying issues that some of these new currencies are trying to address. Specifically Bitcoin at the time that he gave this talk in 2013 and the global economic climate that was beginning to surface in some European countries.

I look forward to building upon the conceptual principles delivered in this TED Talk as it only begins to scratch the surface.

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