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Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet review

Fashion 04 Feb 2015
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The Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet is one of those products I have taken a bit more time than necessary to write up a review for. I definitely didn’t want to miss anything about it in this summary, considering the extra interest it got the day I posted it on my Facebook timeline.

I got the Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet as a gift from a friend for my birthday. Despite a different friend recommending Bellroy wallets to me earlier in 2014, I still wasn’t excited about them and honestly wanted something else instead.

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet


One thing’s for sure, looking at the attention to detail given to the products on Bellroy’s website, I knew it would be a good product to review at the very least. When I got my Note Sleeve, I was glad that what I saw in the images was what I got. There is definitely no excessive Photoshop editing done when it comes to these bad boys.

The leather feels amazing in hand and looks way better than it does to hold. The stitching both on the inside and outside of the wallet is impeccable. More importantly, the lining on the inside doesn’t feel cheap or look tacky even though they have patterns I wouldn’t normally choose.

Customer satisfaction

The hype is real and I love this product, especially all the places the words Bellroy and that owls logo are imprinted. I couldn’t believe how quickly I fell in love with the wallet the more I used it. I was willing to swap the Lacoste Billfold wallet for the Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet to see how much it would slim my pocket down. This wasn’t to compensate for now using the bigger Apple iPhone 6 Plus but because almost all wallets I have previously owned either end up being big hamburgers or hurting when I sit on them in my back pocket for extended periods.

“The hype is real and I love this product, especially all the places the words Bellroy and that owls logo are imprinted…”

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet

The Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet is so thin that sometimes I forget it is in my pocket. A little reminiscent of my old iPhone 5 not in a case, that thing was so light. The only time I feel the Bellroy Note Sleeve in my pocket, is when I am wearing work slacks or pants sitting at my workstation for the day. I have no problems with that because I can take it out and put it on my desk.

Where I do notice the biggest difference is when I am driving. The wallet does not get in the way, hurt or even feel like it is in my back pocket. That for me was a major win because it is an improvement from it’s predecessor the Lacoste Billfold wallet.

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet


Not all things were smooth sailing though, but that’s not to say things got terrible either. This wallet has a coin pocket that can take a decent number of coins, however the bigger ones like the Australian fifty cent coin definitely caused it to bulge. In fact during the period when I was still breaking in the wallet, I took out all coins as the 50 cent ones were creating an imprint on the outside. This thankfully disappeared soon after taking the coins out, but I have never been brave enough to put back the smaller coins simply because I want the wallet to age well.

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve wallet

Conclusion: Bellroy
Note Sleeve Wallet

It’s easy to see how much I now care for this wallet. At the price it costs, I think it is a bargain since it looks like it is built to serve me for many years to come. It is ageing well and you can start to see imprints of the regions where my credit and business cards start and end. The white stitching is starting to turn into a light brown, goldish colour and dimples or creases are starting to give the leather some character. More importantly, I am still not tempted to shove in the one third of unnecessary cards that I threw away.

Carrying two thirds of all my old wallets’ contents, which was much bigger, in a smaller form factor is impressive. I look forward to a long future with my new pocket companion. I am not sure if the wallet was made in a sustainable manner but on the flip side, mobile phones might change, even bank cards might expire, but this wallet feels like it is here to stay longer.


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