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Bell&Ross BR01-94 watch review

Fashion 12 Mar 2015
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Ever since I saw Bell&Ross watches on Pinterest I have always wanted to get a hold of one in real life. Getting a magazine that catalogued a few of their models from a watch shop in Melbourne Emporium didn’t help either. Considering the price of a Bell&Ross BR01-94 currently stands at about US$5,000.00, I thank the colleague of mine that loaned me theirs for the morning to have a play with. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.


Bell&Ross BR01-49

Bell&Ross BR01-49

The Bell&Ross BR01-94 watch is one of their earlier models and just by looking at it’s understated facade, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it costs so much. From a company that started of making dials for military planes you find the build quality is solid. The only thing I could fault in that department was the top knob stopped working in the first month. While it is unclear what caused the knob to fail, the watch itself is rugged and very weighty. The Diesel DR7264 is much lighter in comparison despite having a larger face.

“The orange finish on all items in the face are glow in the dark but not as bright as you would imagine…”

The band is made of a rigid rubber that always wants to spring back in a straight position. It’s actually amazing how it does that and still manages to be comfortable. The orange finish on all items in the face are glow in the dark but not as bright as you would imagine looking at the loud orange. Instead the glow in the dark is subtle, much like that traditional luminous glow in the dark green.

I love the little detailing in the face, i.e. the Ltd icon, the model number and how the date stands out from black and orange around it. The way the edge of the glass is emphasized when you look at it from an angle and the way they wrote on the back of the watch are all nice touches.

Bell&Ross BR01-49

Bell&Ross BR01-49

Customer satisfaction

The gentleman who owns this timepiece was fairly happy with their purchase. It doesn’t cook eggs or anything special like that for its price but it does tell time well enough. He seemed to like the fact that you can pull it apart yourself with ease if you desired, as all the screws are clearly marked with the correct allen key size etched on it’s back. I am not sure how good that would be for your warranty nor if the owner has been brave enough to dismantle it himself to see what is going on with the top knob that isn’t working.


The broken top knob almost rendered the stopwatch on the Bell&Ross BR01-94 useless. The thin, long hand that looks like the second hand is actually used as part of the stop watch as well. As result of the top knob not working, the hand no longer moves. This effectively means all you can do with this watch now is tell the time and that, along with looking good, is not much at it’s price point.

Bell&Ross BR01-94 watch

Bell&Ross BR01-49

Bell&Ross BR01-49

Nowadays you can’t purchase this model brand new with ease, so you would have to find a good online shop to get your hands on one of these. The owner mentioned he wouldn’t buy another Bell&Ross in future as he didn’t think their inner workings were very reliable. I think that might not be the case anymore. After all, there are now 2 generations of watches since this one was made meaning this might be different already.

He used to wear it every day to work at some stage and didn’t find it hard to match with clothes at all, not that he pays much attention to that kind of thing anyway he said. I’m sure the watch comes with a warranty and all the gentleman has to do is take it to the shop to get it fixed. Nonetheless, this is still an impressive watch and I wouldn’t mind rocking it at all.


Shot using the iPhone 6 Plus.

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