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Avengers the Age of Ultron

Movies & TV 23 Apr 2015
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One of the most, if not the most, anticipated movies in 2015 is finally here. I took the opportunity to watch Avengers the Age of Ultron on release date of course. You can be assured I went to watch all that action on the biggest screen possible, but unfortunately not in 3D as my fiancee gets dizzy in it. I thought that would be useful to know where I am coming from when I am talking about my experience for this review.

Avengers Age of Ultron poster

Avengers Age of Ultron poster


Avengers the Age of Ultron definitely isn’t lacking in the storyline department. It isn’t the best storyline yet but it is interesting enough so don’t worry about this being another movie made as excuse to blow up stuff. The concept is deep enough but not mind blowing either. Ultron is a worthy adversary for the Avengers.

The first Avengers was better balanced I felt as Avengers the Age of Ultron felt a bit slow to it after the initial action but then picked up there after. It is definitely a movie where nothing was put to waste and everything, including the lighter moments that setup a moment later, so you definitely want to pay attention.

Engagement: Avengers
the Age of Ultron

Other than the first slow moment mentioned earlier, where I felt people kinda disconnected for a bit, the movie is quite engaging. Characters did a top shelf job as usual and despite having a long day prior to watching Avengers the Age of Ultron, I managed to follow without issues.

Avengers Age of Ultron - Ending

Avengers Age of Ultron – Ending

“There was a short clip after the movie ends but this time…”

It’s cheeky, a bit funny and action packed as you have come to expect from the first Avengers. There was a short clip after the movie ends but this time it was within the credits themselves. Don’t stay after you have seen it unless you want to see whether Marvel did or did not promise that there will be another Avengers in writing.


When it comes to the action, particularly Hulk smashing, I think the first Avengers out trumps Avengers the Age of Ultron. That doesn’t mean the latter doesn’t have it’s moments of cool action. I just felt Avengers the Age of Ultron has stronger in storyline taking some extra characters from the cartoon/comic. I loved that it was full of clever quotes, dope one line sayings and even some borrowed biblical concepts and sayings (just not the one with a touch of blasphemy).

“…there are no memorable moments that people will be quoting for weeks like…”

Avengers the Age of Ultron also touches lightly on some of today’s most pressing global challenges and explores that theme creatively but not too seriously. Sometimes this had me laughing and other times deep in thought.

Avengers the Age of Ultron

I enjoyed Avengers the Age of Ultron and it definitely was worth the trip to the big screen. If you don’t go watch it on the big screen, don’t worry as there are no memorable moments that people will be quoting for weeks like they did with the first one. If you do go watch it, don’t do it with super high expectations. It is a 10 out 10 on demand or on DVD movie to watch at home, but for the big screen I just wished it had that wow factor that the first one did.


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