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Armani Exchange AX1200 watch review

Fashion 05 Nov 2014
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It is quite rare to find white watches but the Armani Exchange AX1200 watch also happens to be the most versatile white watch I have seen. For those of you like me who didn’t know, Armani Exchange is the more accessible/affordable sub brands under Giorgio Armani much like Armani Collezioni. The difference primarily being Armani Exchange is inspired by dance music & street-chic culture, which is a little hard deduce or perceive when you look at this watch on it’s own.

Armani Exchange AX1200 watch

Armani Exchange AX1200 watch


Looking at this watch, it’s obvious Armani didn’t say let’s make a cheaper brand because is it quite well crafted and feels solid as product. I particularly fell in love with it’s translucent sides when I purchased it, specifically how it complimented the black and white parts of the watch.

The rubbery plastic used to make the watch bands is pretty durable and quite comfortable on the wrist. Not only does it feel good but it does not feel tacky either. That goes for the whole watch overall. The red highlight on the edges of the hour and minute hands are a nice design touch too. Split second timing functionality is a cinch and I really couldn’t fault anything on how the watch is made.

To top things off is a pyramid like pattern that on the inside of the wrist bands that just give a personal touch that only the person wearing will get to appreciate. I suspect these grooves and cuttings have a much more functional use in letting air circulate between your skin and the watches bands. Not sure if it is a result of the grooves, however the watch seldom leaves marks on my wrist even when worn tightly.

Armani Exchange AX1200 watch

Armani Exchange AX1200 watch


If there was anything to be disappointed about, it would be the fact that the watch does not glow in the dark so you can forget telling the time outside at night. I imagined having those red highlights mentioned earlier being cool if they were glow in the dark.

As it is bands are made out of a rubbery plastic, I have endeavoured to keep the watch away from anything sharp. The bands are tough enough to give some resistance but I wasn’t taking any chances.

“…the fact that the watch does not glow in the dark so you can forget telling the time outside at night. “

The last thing I considered a challenge with this watch was how colour powder got stuck in the wrist bands recesses where the black stitches are, when we went for the ColorMeRad 5k run. This took a few days, if not weeks to remove as the plastic had coloured a little from the powder.

Armani Exchange AX1200 watch

Armani Exchange AX1200 watch

Conclusion: Amarni
Exchange AX1200 watch

The most surprising thing about this white watch has to be how easy it is to match with any outfit despite it being black and white. Even easier to match than the Diesel DZ-4723 watch. I was also pleasantly surprised by the compliments I received on the watch as I expected it to be your more average daily wear that is not out there. It’s versatile, easy to match, watch that might leave an impression when you are not expecting it. The watch is worthy to carry the Armani name. An easy daily wear, I have almost lost countless times to friends and family that were eying it, that is just made better. I am very much satisfied with the purchase.


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