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American Sniper movie (2015) review

Movies & TV 22 Feb 2015
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I finally got to watch the movie some of my friends were raving on about, not that many though. This is also the review my friends in the UAE are also dying to see because their version of the movie is further edited for censorship. Now that is the version of the story I want to see, how the other side prefers to tell the story.

This is also the movie that made me realise I’ve played the game Call of Duty, and other similar first person shooter games, way too much because I could understand some of their terms while running plays in my mind as they moved in the field.


American Sniper is based on a true story so storyline wise, the movie is not lacking in that department. You will be gripped by it from the word go and might be squirming all the way to the end. American Sniper has got a pretty ironic ending but what surprised me was how they managed to make the movie not so obviously politically polarised in any direction because it hid well behind telling one man’s story. This is evidenced in the way it just moves from one scene to the next just as one would recount history. When you take a deeper look though, it is easy to see the story was used to do more than tell one man’s story.

American Sniper movie poster

American Sniper movie poster

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Sniper movie

Plot aside, I found the movie very engaging. My girlfriend however, had moments where she exclaimed that she was bored. That was interesting considering she is the type of girl that is into action movies. The movie isn’t always fast paced and does take time to build on the story and it was in those moments that my girl struggled to engage.

When the action does begin, you will be firmly planted in your seat while anticipating the next thing to happen.


While the action is worthy of going to see American Sniper on the big screen, it definitely isn’t better than Shooter. In fact, it felt more like Call of Duty which by design seems to have a secondary goal to inspire and recruit new soldiers. Being a modern movie about a recent war, it also tries to touch pressing issues covered, debated or leaked around the war on terror. Spoiler alert: Click to read spoiler sentences. Point blank, American Sniper feels like it tries to justify the need to sometimes shoot women and children during the war on terrorism. I was surprised that while drones were used in the movie, there wasn’t a single shot fired from them. This surprised me as I expected the film to make a case for using drones in future combat to save soldiers lives much like it did the case for shooting women and children.

“In those moments that were very dramatic, my girlfriend would whisper to me that I should never join an army.”

Other than that the movie is very human and emotional when it isn’t adrenalin driven. In those moments that were very dramatic, my girlfriend would whisper to me that I should never join an army. In these moments it didn’t feel like the movie was trying to recruit me into the army. By showing the darker side of war, it rather neutralised American Sniper into a story telling movie delivered by one side of course.

American Sniper Movie

From what I have seen in American Sniper, and the kind of people who recommended it to me, most guys will enjoy it. Most girls will connect to the emotional journey and the dramatic parts to it. All in all, it is a solid movie best enjoyed in the cinema or on really good home theatre system. It’s one of the few movies I wondered what it would be like to watch in 4DX with all those explosions and gun fire.

You might not agree with my opinion entirely and I suspect this is one of those movies where people will feel very differently about it. I felt like it was a very good nod to Chris Kyle a war legend, but did they forgot to mention what happened to his brother? I might have just missed that part altogether. Don’t bother waiting to the end of the credits for a short clip as there is nothing there but a big Warner Bros logo.

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