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About us

JustMadeBetter is a website dedicated to celebrating and sharing things that enrich our lives, no matter how big or small, simply because they are just made better.

Our final rule of thumb and final authority, when measuring products, features and services is ‘customer satisfaction’. We believe if something is made better, then the outcome is usually a greater level of customer satisfaction. While this might vary from person to person, we endeavour to contextualise our point of view as much as possible.

Inspired by three years of retail experience, that included being at the front lines and at the planning and strategic table, our founder knew that the knowledge acquired wasn’t simply to packaged as a season passed. With efforts poured into by many people and skills learnt over time, a genuine love relationship blossomed to inspired this website long after leaving the industry. “Retail is something you do at the beginning because it pays the bill, then it teaches you things about life and people you didn’t expect. It’s at that moment you either become addicted to it or simply keep it as an affair that serves a need at minimum. For me the journey just had to continue..” – Tawanda Allan Kamuzonde (Founder).

In our times many revolutionary products emerge, many leave a mark in history but some just replicate this winning formula in order to give a piece of the cake missing the whole point. We believe the reasons why some products are revolutionary is because they set out to answer a need in people lives, whether known or unknown, and does it with excellence.

Our goal is to sift through the clutter, counterfeits and noisy competition that wastes our money and energies. While this is by no means a consumer guide, it is a place where you can come to find quality and ingenuity on parade.

Thank you for taking the time visit our website and even more read the mindset behind it. If you would like to know more about us, please feel free to read more materials about us:

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